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I was making soap tonight and I saw this and wanted to share! Look at the pics. You can see the phases of the soap making process happening.

I started out with solid butters and oils. "Trauma" happened when I added a certain ingredient and all my solid butters melted. I mean, they completely UNRAVELED. But, with time, patience and a little tending too (love), my melted butters solidified into something much more beautiful. As it continues to age, that beauty becomes functional. In about 4 weeks we're gonna be able to use that soap!

That's how Jesus works in our lives!

You think you're solid but then something happens and you melt. Now you feel useless and lost. You've been completely unraveled. But when you let God in and He starts tending to your heart, you're going to become even more beautiful than the solid butter you started with!

I see this process happen every time I make soap and it reminds me that oh man, God is so so good! ❤

Thank you Jesus for "unraveling" me!


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